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Business plan examples

Business plan examples

A business plan is essential for successful strategy development. It is a document which helps everybody in the company to understand the vision, strategy, and tactics for product or service...

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Product Management, Roadmap

Building digital products as multi-sided platforms

When building a digital product, we’re often biased by the dominant influence of a business owner. Or, in certain cases, we’re biased by the user-centric approach, putting the business needs in a...

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product roadmap uncertainty

Create an effective product roadmap by using uncertainty bubbles

There are many ways to create a product roadmap. Today, I'm introducing a new way of building a roadmap for your product development, with a one-day workshop. The workshop consists of five simple...

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Testimonial Driven Development - Product Management

Testimonial Driven Development

During a workshop, a couple of years back, I had this idea about the concept of testimonial driven development. The idea stuck with me since then and I've been using this framework successfully for...

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Augmenting Your Generic Product and Building Better Customer Experience

4 Tips for Augmenting Your Generic Product and Building Better Customer Experience

I’m sure your product has all the parts and functionalities that your customers need. But what you want to sell is more than the generic product, you want to sell the “whole product”. The whole...

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Treasure Roadmap

Idea Spillover and Adjacent Possible

An idea is a new assemblage of neurons in your brain. It is a synaptic sequence which had never happened before. In order to stimulate this new assemblage, you have to put yourself in a fruitful...

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Vision, Strategy and Tactics Revisited

A lot of buzzwords get thrown around in business today. Some of them are useful and productive, some of them are told just to make you sound good, and some can cause confusion. What can be especially...

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Got an idea? Translate it into a viable business

Every start needs a little push. You have a great idea for your pet project, side business or a physical product you want to sell, but you don't have a clue where to start from? Well, the good news is...

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