Momčilo Dakić

Author of the Treasure Roadmap book

Augmenting Your Generic Product and Building Better Customer Experience

4 Tips for Augmenting Your Generic Product and Building Better Customer Experience

I’m sure your product has all the parts and functionalities that your customers need. But what you want to sell is more than the generic product, you want to sell the “whole product”. The whole...

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Treasure Roadmap

Idea Spillover and Adjacent Possible

An idea is a new assemblage of neurons in your brain. It is a synaptic sequence which had never happened before. In order to stimulate this new assemblage, you have to put yourself in a fruitful...

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Vision, Strategy and Tactics Revisited

A lot of buzzwords get thrown around in business today. Some of them are useful and productive, some of them are told just to make you sound good, and some can cause confusion. What can be especially...

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Got an idea? Translate it into a viable business

Every start needs a little push. You have a great idea for your pet project, side business or a physical product you want to sell, but you don't have a clue where to start from? Well, the good news is...

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How to write an amazing advertising copy

You can easily write an amazing ad that sells more, right now! Check out how I like to do it and integrate the techniques into your advertising tactics. An average family is exposed to more than 1500...

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Building a brand

Building a brand should be part of your product roadmap

“I just have to build a great product and the customers will come organically” was my biggest misconception. Coming from an engineering background, a good quality solution to a problem was the...

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product management, product roadmap, roadmap, backlog

How to build a roadmap in 3½ steps

When done right, the product roadmap reduces uncertainty about the future and keeps product teams focused on the highest priority product initiatives. But how to build it effectively?

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goldilocks - how to set the right price for your product

Everybody sells — How to set the right price?

Finance basics for first-time business owners. Cost of goods sold, gross profit margin, overhead expenses and Goldilocks pricing plan. Engineers (including myself) like to believe that the product is...

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