Momčilo Dakić

Author of the Treasure Roadmap book

How to write an amazing advertising copy

You can easily write an amazing ad that sells more, right now! Check out how I like to do it and integrate the techniques into your advertising tactics. An average family is exposed to more than 1500…

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Building a brand should be part of your product roadmap

“I just have to build a great product and the customers will come organically” was my biggest misconception. Coming from an engineering background, a good quality solution to a problem was the only…

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How to build a roadmap in 3½ steps

When done right, the product roadmap reduces uncertainty about the future and keeps product teams focused on the highest priority product initiatives. But how to build it effectively?

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Everybody sells — How to set the right price?

Finance basics for first-time business owners. Cost of goods sold, gross profit margin, overhead expenses and Goldilocks pricing plan. Engineers (including myself) like to believe that the product is…

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Vision – Strategy – Tactics

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” But if you want to be on the road to success, you have to have a strong vision, develop a strategy which will take you there and…

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Ideas are like sneezing

Great breakthrough is often told as eureka moment or epiphany because there is a certain narrative thrill in the story. But that breakthrough has actually gone through a long period of incubation, a…

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Golden ratio in layout design

How to create software layout pleasant for the eye of the user? Use fibonacci sequence and combine maths and art for the pixel perfect result. There’s a common mathematical ratio which is common in…

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How to validate an idea before you get emotionally attached to it?

Why do we get attached to our ideas and how to stay unbiased along the way? Predict the success and commercial feasibility of your idea by seeking for the disconfirming evidence. Fail fast or reach…

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Successful UX Design — A short overview

Users expect an optimized user experience as a basic requirement, and it’s now become a prerequisite implementation strategy across all platforms and devices. There are countless UX strategies and…

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